Access Control

FMS Fire and Security Limited provide a comprehensive range of access control systems ranging from single door systems, through to centrally controlled PC based systems and onto fully networked multi-building / campus solutions. We have partnered with a number of access control manufacturer’s to ensure that we can provide a choice of systems to meet every eventuality.

We offer a range of different manufacturers’ products thus ensuring that our Customer’s have a choice of systems to meet their exact requirements. This independent stance ensures that FMS Fire and Security cannot only meet the customer’s operational and technical needs, but also specify an overall solution that is within the client’s’ budget.

FMS Fire and Security can provide you with advice on all aspects of access control, whether it is the design of a completely new system, upgrading / expanding an existing system or selecting the correct type of lock to ensure that the controlled door is properly secured.


Many access control systems nowadays are integrated with other elements of the security systems, FMS Fire and Security can provide you with all levels of integration enabling the access control to be integrated with your fire, intruder alarm, CCTV, intercom systems.

Systems offered incorporate the very latest software to provide our customers with an easy to use and informative security solution. These systems are password controlled with user definable databases thus providing a secure management and administration facility.

An image badge module can be used to produce professional security identification cards for each member of staff. The software also allows you to produce specific visitor and contractors passes as required.

Full alarm reporting can be linked into a graphical display to help the operator locate exactly where the problem is and what action he or she is to take.

We look very closely at the layout and design of the building or site and incorporate distributed intelligent controllers to minimise the impact of any component failure.

Similarly we offer a range of front-end card technology including:


We are also very clear on the importance of the door hardware which should be selected in line with the door and frame structure and to this effect we have a comprehensive choice of locking solutions including surface and mortice magnets, electric releases and electric locks.